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50 Years of Tyres in Liverpool!

Posted on Monday, June 11th, 2012 by Tom Tully Tyres
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Tom Tully in 1974

When Tom Tully started fitting and repairing tyres in 1962, the world was a very different place. England had never won a world cup, Golden Wonder had only just introduced cheese & onion crisps to the UK, and The Beatles were about to make their very first appearance on TV.

Motorists could buy the new Ford Cortina for £573 – or the E Type Jag for £2,159. There were less than 200 miles of motorway in the UK, and the BBC had a brand new programme, showing the gritty reality of police work, called Z-cars.

In the 50 years since, another 2,000 miles of motorway have been built to cope with 25 million extra cars. The pace of life has increased dramatically, and many things have changed beyond recognition.

Dependable, Reliable, and there when you need us.

But, here at Tom Tully Tyres, some things never change – like our commitment to providing value for money and a personal, professional service.

We’re an old-fashioned kind of family business. Tom’s daughter Delia, and her husband John, have run the company since 1993, with a team of staff who between them have 70 years of experience.

And we’re still growing, even during the 5th recession we’ve faced since 1962. Because our consistently high standards keep our customers coming back, over and over again.


50 years of innovation

Keeping things the same means that we’ve been able keep up to date with advances and are now fitting exhausts and brakes as well supplying and repairing tyres.

Here’s to the next 50 years!