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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Tyre Services

Posted on Monday, April 2nd, 2007 by Tom Tully Tyres
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My tyre-fitters say they can’t repair the puncture on my Z-Rated tyre. Can you?

So long as the puncture isn’t too large or in the shoulder of the tyre we can apply a hot vulcanising tyre repair. This is a safe and reliable method of repairing the tyre and will last the life of the tyre. One of our regular customers, David Coveney has used tyres repaired by us on his race car and believes our work has saved him hundreds of pounds over the years.

What’s a Hot Vulcanised Repair?

Instead of simply applying a patch, we fill the puncture with a rubber plug. This and the tyre surrounding it is then heated so that the plug and the rubber around it vulcanise – effectively welding the new rubber with the old. The result is a strong and safe repair which can even be applied to high speed Z-rated tyres. Because we can do this where most fitters can’t, we can often save you the cost of a tyre replacement.

I’ve had my expensive alloys scratched by previous tyre fitters, can you prevent this happening?

Of course! No fitter should damage your wheels when they’re in their care. Our equipment is designed not to damage an alloy wheel. We often change tyres on supercars with expensive wheels – their owners wouldn’t keep coming back to us if we didn’t take the utmost care of their car.

My car’s been lowered – do you have the equipment to raise it?

Yes, we have low entry jacks which are suitable for the lowest cars around, including most modified cars. We can usually lift cars from around 90mm of ground clearance – low enough for all but the most extreme low-rider. Don’t forget, a UK speed-bump is supposed to be no more than 100mm tall!

I like a specific type of tyre – can you supply all makes and sizes?

We can usually supply most makes and sizes of tyre within the day. It’s best to call ahead because although we keep stocks of the most popular tyres it’s a shame for you to waste a journey. Ring us on 0151 486 5045 to confirm your tyres.

Are you good value?

Absolutely! We can’t always be the cheapest, but with our careful family service, and free valves and balancing, we often work out cheaper in the long run. And if you come in with a puncture we can often repair tyres, to as new condition, that many other firms would insist on replacing.

Can you supply remoulds?

Although remoulds used to be a popular choice, today’s budget tyres cost about the same as the better quality remoulds, yet deliver far greater value and safety. Consequently, we no longer supply remoulds except in certain specialist applications such as truck tyres.

How long have you been in business?

Tom Tully established the business in Garston, Liverpool in 1962. Since then the firm has grown but has stayed true to its independent, family run roots. We are now based on the Speke Hall Avenue Industrial Estate which gives us the premises to rapidly turn around your car. When Tom retired in 1993 the management of the business was taken over by his daughter Dee Smith and her husband John Smith.

In 2012 we celebrated 50 years of service to Liverpool and Merseyside.

If you have any other questions, feel free to call us on 0151 486 5045 or 0151 486 5046 and we’ll be only too pleased to help you.