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Run Flat Tyre Repairs

We often get asked if we can repair Run Flat Tyres.  The simple answer is… of course we can!

What surprised us is just how many people have experienced problems in having their run flats repaired.  For example, on Pistonheads you can find many people asking the question.

So, here’s a few common questions and the answers we can give:

I’ve Been Told You Can’t Repair Any Run Flat Puncture

Some car dealers and tyre fitters take the simplistic default option of stating that any puncture on these types of tyres necessitates a replacement.  The reality is that you usually only have to worry about replacement if you’ve been driving on a deflated tyre.  If you’ve acquired a nail and been able to keep the tyre pressure at a reasonable level then we should be able to repair your tyre.

What Does a Run Flat Repair Involve?

It’s the same as the vulcanised repairs we carry out on high-speed tyres – in other words, a special patch is applied to the inside of the tyre, along with a rubber plug to fill the hole made by the damage.  This is then clamped and gently heated for about one hour, welding the repair to the tyre.  This is a strong and well proven method of tyre repair.

Can All Punctures Be Repaired?

Sadly not – certain types of damage will mean that the tyre cannot be safely repaired.  In this case we will explain why the repair cannot be done and you will have the option to buy a tyre from us at a competitive price.

How Much Will I Save?

Potentially, hundreds!  On some cars you have to replace tyres in pairs, and with some run flat tyres costing £400+ a piece that means a big bill.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Run Flats?

We charge from £30 to £36 inclusive.

Do You Do “While-You-Wait” Tyre Repairs?

Yes, normal repairs take about 15 minutes, and vulcanised tyre repairs about 1hr 15m.  If you wish, you can leave your wheel with us, or if you live or work locally we can drop you off for the morning or afternoon.