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Two Wheel Alignment

Having the correct suspension geometry setup on your car is important and now we can offer fully computerised four wheel alignment from just £25+VAT! And we’ll check your alignment for free!

Good wheel geometry helps maintain these aspects of your car:

  1. Optimal tyre wear
  2. Handling
  3. Economy
  4. Performance

Refresh your car from £25+VAT!

Poor alignment on the front wheels might take away the responsiveness you remember when your car was new. Alignment often drifts over time, and it’s worth carrying out a new alignment approximately every 20,000 miles – more if you drive on bad roads or have to bump up and down a lot of speedbumps on the way to work!

How we get your car’s suspension geometry right

ecoline-58We use the £10k Hoffman Megaplan Ecoline 58 (pictured), a fully computerised laser based rig that can provide before and after printouts for your information and allows us to provide this new service at a far better price than ever before. So instead of paying over the odds at your franchised car dealer, come to us and refresh your car’s handling.

Free of charge!
Front Wheel
(£30.00 incl)