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Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres, copyright is cc-sa by mroach

Be Ready for Winter With The Tom Tully Winter Tyre Service

Although it’s still relatively unusual in Britain, many drivers are learning about the positive benefits of using Winter Tyres during our cold, wet and increasingly icy winters.  A number of features discussing the benefits, such as Autocar’s test, or The Telegraph’s extensive report have helped to increase demand and many drivers are starting to benefit from running these tyres when the temperatures start to drop.


Winter Tyres help you with the following:

  • Dramatic improvements in traction, braking and steering on icy and snowy surfaces
  • Improved traction and safety from +7C (45F)
  • Better handling of wet and slippery roads
  • May be compulsory for European travel to some countries in winter
  • You probably don’t need that gas-guzzling 4×4 after all!


Frequently Asked Questions

Obviously there are some things to consider, whether you use Tom Tully’s or another fitter:

I can’t afford to replace my tyres every six months!

You don’t!  The way it works is that you leave your summer tyres with us over winter, and come spring we’ll swap the tyres back and then store your winter tyres over summer.

Do I need another set of wheels?

No, but some people prefer to keep a set of steel wheels for winter use in order to protect expensive alloys, however, this isn’t strictly necessary with most modern wheels.  One advantage is that some manufacturers sell winter wheels for their cars which are narrower than your normal wheels, meaning that the winter tyres will be cheaper.  If you’re planning on keeping your car for a long time it can be a cost effective strategy.

Will I need to tell my insurance company?

Although there shouldn’t be any effect on your insurance premiums there were some early reports that a few companies were charging more.  This appears to have passed now and all companies we know of accept winter tyres as long as they are suitable for the car and fitted by suitably skilled technicians.

I was told Nordic compounds are even better – should I get those?

No – in Britain our conditions simply aren’t that harsh to necessitate the super-soft Nordic compounds.  They’ll just wear out faster and give no real benefit.

Do I need to order ahead?

Ideally you should always try to get your tyres ordered as soon as you can – popular tyre sizes have gone out of stock rapidly in the last few winters as people often only think about these tyres when really bad weather strikes – just when it’s the most difficult for us to get new stock in!

Can I just use these tyres all year round?

Some people do, but they can wear out more quickly and are not recommended for use in hot weather or fast driving as they can overheat.